Some of the common queries about composites that the Design Manual addresses

How do I calculate the thickness of a laminate?
How and why to convert the glass content measured by weight to measured by volume?
I want to make it faster and cheaper, what are the process options?
How can I compare the benefits of the various processes?
How does Resin Transfer moulding compare with Autoclave moulding?
Is there an optimum fibre content I should be working at? If so what is it?
How do I convert psi to N/mm2?
What is the most economic or lightest composite material to use in my application?
Where do I find a custom moulder of GRP?
How do I fill a pultrusion die with three different reinforcements?
If I use filler will the laminate be cheaper?
I need to double production, which process should I use?
How do I work out the properties to expect?
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